How we think

How we think decides what we think. It all starts with the way we see events happening in and around our life. It is universally accepted that our thought pattern are governed 10% of what happens to us and 90% by how we respond on situation/event/feedback about us from our inner self to universe connected with us in our all endeavor. This fact defines and clearly communicates us that our thinking is our product and we cannot blame it others .Here I like to share a story of two brothers who we born and brought up in same family. Their father used to drink wine and beat his wife. Both son used to see daily humiliating their mother by their father. Now see the role of perception in thought process.

One son has taken it like he will ensure to take care and love his wife too much when get married, never to have intoxicating drink in life. Other son find justification in deeds of father, and plans to continue to enjoy the life in the manner his father enjoying and deal with his mother the same way.

What we find here. No one is teaching to these two boys in same family, but why learning is different.


One basic reason we notice for different learning is different brain wiring in two boys, we call by attitude in other words how you see the world creates your world.

But brain wiring can be changed is a universal fact, if anybody is ready to do it and take necessary action. First and foremost is to learn  to order the mind the think the way you want, and not to be slave of your mind.

Originally published Dec 21, 2021

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