Your beliefs shape your life 

Your beliefs is acceptance that something exists or true, specially without proof, related to trust, faith or confidence in someone or something. What we believe determines our reality. As human beings our values and beliefs affect quality of our life, our work, and our relationship.

As per scientist our beliefs are effected by intelligence, brain development, Culture, education, experience. In nutshell how we command our subconscious mind repeatedly. That is, our beliefs shape our thinking, influence our behavior, and shape our life.

 I like to share a small story with you. Once a sage was walking, noticed a horse with a man sitting on it coming toward him. Sage asked the man, where he is going. The person replied ask horse. Here horse represent our subconscious mind. 

We see lot of examples of our belief in our day to day life. Mostly we choose the doctor in whom we believe his treatment will cure us fast. In one scientific research two person were admitted in hospital for treatment of pain in their knee joint. Doctors did surgery to one patient and other patient was gone through same process except any surgery. After few days scientist checked the improvement and found similar improvement to both patients. It was surprise but this is real experiment done and findings.

It matters a lot what we believe as our inner system support great to our beliefs.

What we learn if we have faith, belief in us , nothing is impossible for us.

So be optimistic, hopeful, faithful in your abilities, engage in action with determination and commitment. You are only responsible to shape your life, your way. God helps those who help themselves.

Originally published Jan 1, 2022

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