Why communication matters

Communication is an art, science of opening the heart, and can be learned, help you to grow as effective leader and shapes all area of life to be more productive and live a meaningful and joyous life.

Great leaders communicate well in family, communities, organization at different forum and at global level. They are capable of thinking and sharing with great number of audiences with clarity.

Effective communication includes listening well, understanding well, what is said and what is not said, speaking the way a common person understands well what is said and what motive is.

Great communicators possess skill to influence, heal, and navigate the persons suffering from challenges in life. Such people believe in people first, look for common ground, and understand people first, value them, show empathy with them, are some of key principle to touch their heart. By establishing rapport, people get more opportunity to come closer to them, help them which makes them most charismatic leader and human beings.

On the other side, if you stop communication, or slow, biased in communication, you yourself slowdown your progress and growth in different area of life.

So work with good communication skills to make your life more charming, meaningful, have joy and fulfill purpose of life.

Originally published December 27, 2021

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