Leadership is not just
a skill, it’s a science.
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GLN Academy Courses Promise

Value for Money

Success loves speed. You feel on top, get compound return for money you spent. These courses opens door of growth in all area of life i.e. physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, when you use the wisdom and skills learned.

Value for Time

Time is money. Enroll for courses to avoid procrastination, fulfil your dreams much earlier than you ever thought before. Courses have life time assess, learn and review at your convenience at home and get full support to track your growth.


We are aligned with growth f people as mission, deliver best of best content which include latest case studies at very competitive price, so as to reach all section of society, age groups. You become cost effective by opening up full dimension of any individual and extract above capacity in organization by exploring unlimited potential and effective utilization of 5 M..


Growth calls to nurture your skills and imbibe new skills and strengthening them, unlearn and relearn with change of technology, gain in wisdom and maturity. You feel pride when you complete course with full enthusiasm and become role model for others to follow. So what are you thinking now? Join the course to be at top of world, and make a positive difference in life.

Course Curriculum

power point presentation on Leadership
  • Law of mirror to love self to add value to self
Live Section 1
  • Live Session 1-Intentional living
  • Live Session 2- How growth happens fast
  • Live Session 3- Importance of Values and Principles
  • Live Session 4-Leadership skills and traits
  • Live Session 5- Mind mapping for success and prosperity

Leadership is need of every time and for every people to
turn dreams into reality in all area of life, so as to enjoy life journey with meaningful, leaving a legacy of making a positive difference in world.

Here’s what you will get with this course:


  • How to develop personal Leadership
  •  Leadership principles. Leadership styles
  • Roadmap for effective leader- Attributes x Results
  • Compound Growth in career and entrepreneurship 
  • 6 Hours of Live Training, Power point presentation on leadership

 Rs. 1000 90% discount  Rs. 99

How it Works

Here is what you will learn from our Course

Leadership turns the game. It is different from Management. Talent wins games, teamwork wins Championship. Learn what is sad cost of mediocrity, how leadership boost your courage and so many other skills that inspires you to work for bigger dreams, turn in reality.

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Here’s what you get once you enroll in the course:

Personalized WhatsApp support for complete guidance and hand-holding

Weekly one on one calls for progress tracking and guidance

Course completion certificate

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