Your job gives you authority Your behaviour gets you respect

Irwin Federman

About Company

We as a Global Leadership Nurturing Academy has started our journey in 2020 to spread the knowledge we imbibe through various phrases of our life. It is our great fortune that we are the part of a developing nation that encourages the entrepreneurship and where the organization in the field of education, business and other social services contemplates human resources as biggest asset.

We thank you for sparing your time for our services and trusting on us as your valuable partner in field of the development of coaching, mentoring and developing an environment for the growth of person.

About G.L Nandwana

I am a certified Coach,Trainer andMotivational speaker with varied experience in the field of Leadership focusing on developing Life Skills to lead self as well as Teams. I am passionate to offer you workshops, seminars, keynote speaking and coaching aiding your personal and professional growth through study and practical application of proven leadership methods.

Earlier to offering courses in the leadership, motivational and Quality life improvement courses, I had been associated with cement plant in India and overseas with various key Management positions in my professional career of above 40 years. My passion for life is to increase knowledge and share it with graduates and professionals.

To enrich my knowledge, skills, and wisdom, I had attended John Maxwell certification training on leadership in the United States of America at Orlando.

As a founder of Global Leadership Nurturing Academy, my plan is to promote work in the field of Education , communication and wellbeing to help people achieve peak performance and realize their full potential in all areas of life – Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, Financial and Spiritual. I admit that I need all of you more than you need me because you will be part of expanding vision and values for peace, harmony and prosperity in the universe.

"While a good leader sustains momentum, A good teacher increases it."

- John C Maxwell

"Your past shall not dictate your future"

- Goverdhan Nandwana