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I welcome you friends for your trust in our academy. I assure you to provide you best services with full commitment to help you fulfill your dreams. We would like to strengthen our bond by mutual support and understanding. Goverdhan Nandwana

About G.L Nandwana

I am a certified International Coach, Trainer, Teacher and Motivational speaker with varied experience in the field of Leadership focusing on developing Life Skills to lead self as well as Teams. I am passionate to offer you live workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, coaching, and mentoring as well recorded lectures aiding your personal and professional growth through study and practical application of proven leadership methods. Earlier to offering courses in the leadership, motivational and Quality life improvement courses, I had been associated with cement plant in India and overseas with various key Management positions in my professional career of above 40 years. My passion for life is to increase knowledge and share it with the world. To enrich my knowledge, skills, and wisdom, I got certified at John Maxwell certification training on leadership in the United States of America at Orlando in Feb. 2018 My plan as well my mission is to promote work in the field of Education, communication and wellbeing to help people achieve peak performance and realize their full potential in all areas of life – Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, Financial and Spiritual. I admit that I need all of you more than you need me because you will be part of expanding vision and values for peace, harmony and prosperity in the universe.

What you’ll learn?

It is common hunger of human beings to get appreciated. I like to share quote by Irwin Federman- ‘’your job gives you authority, your behavior gets you respect.”

Effective leadership grows you, develop your understanding, develop resilience, improves communication, help you to thrive in changing world, which makes you most Charismatic and Cheerful person to influence the world. You get admired wherever you go and your presence is Contagious to transform the society, nation and world.

I also wish to remind you two important day of your life-one is the day you born and other is the day you learn about your purpose in life on the earth.

My whole hearted devotion is to help people to explore untapped potential and associate with them to turn their dreams into reality.

I assure you, your journey with me will be memorable, with full of fun and inspire you to set new benchmark never imagined in your wildest dreams.

Who can join Breakthrough?

Leadership growth is a natural hunger of human beings as we all are gifted with natural leadership. Further it is most easy when you develop self-discipline, use values and principles of leadership, stay focused on your goals and keep lifelong learning attitude. It is best suited to students, parents, Mid to Senior level managers, leaders , self-employed, institutions and organizations aiming acceleration in growth in any or all area of life. Leadership skills and characteristics can help to touch new milestone in production, quality, cost control, selling, marketing as well in setting new benchmark in any activity including personal development. We provide customized training programme too, and offer services up in implementation to lead individuals, institutions, and organizations. We too provide certificate of completion of training and help to potential coach and speakers in their journey of development, growing, mentoring the people.


Udaan is focussed on manifestation of imagination and visualisation, boost ability to dream more, fly more in unknown with believe in self ,no one can beat you. It multiplies your energy, stretch your mind with new possibilities to keep you ahead day by day and achieve beyond expectation.



We all like Udaan associated with high frequency and opportunity to prove us. We need to learn the behaviour, strategy to focus righty at right time by right application to help growth 100 times in one year. See how this magic happens in this course.

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Mr. G. Nandwana is an inspirational & motivational person , great positive attitude and keen to help people through his long experience, great leadership skills, lifelong learning attitude & sharing with people. I wish him great success in his endeavor.



2nd degree connection, 'President - Mfg @ Kanodia Group, Noida'. 'Winner of Global Visionary Award' & 'Visiting Professor'

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