INR 29000/- 19000/-
USD 500/-

What will you learn?

  Become a mindful leader

  Encouraging a mindset of abundance for personal success

  Business Acumen for Leadership, Aligning Life Purpose with         Organizational Purpose

  How do you grow your consciousness to demonstrate leadership in a         competitive environment?

  The types of leadership necessary for YUVA to succeed

  Behaviours, capabilities, and competencies of a leader

  Powerful presentation skills to enhance your leadership potential

  Personal and organizational goals are boosted by values and culture

  Strategies for developing thinking and decision-making skills

  Leadership success requires the ability to translate strategy into         value-driven decisions

  Mastering conflicts – Leveraging differences to create opportunities

  Sharpening team minds, promoting innovation and creativity

  Celebrating the achievement of the organization's goals and purposes

Benefits of the program?

  • Believe in yourself like no one can beat you
  • Develop confidence, enthusiasm, and become a catalyst for others' growth
  • Improve interpersonal and intrapersonal skills
  • An excellent time user and learner
  • Self-compassion
  • learn to order your mind
  • Develop excellent coaching skills to lead teams to success
  • Utilize the power of visualization, affirmations, and manifestation in all areas of your life
  • Become a great facilitator and negotiator to stay competitive
  • Contribute effectively to the success and expansion of the organization.
  • Develop your entrepreneurial journey by 100X within a couple of years

Why should you attend-?

It will help to develop attitude of lifelong learning. It will be one of your best investments in your growth.

More early you learn, more you find yourself at competitive edge with others and happiness derived by growth is unparallel to anything. You reach soon to CEO level and earn reputation and lead meaningful life

Many people stop learning after obtaining a degree or diploma when they realize this fact, sometimes too late when many juniors skyrocket their growth. Due to their mediocre approach, most people get frustrated, upset and find no way to recover growth. Despite not being 100% accurate.

To avoid this and to continue upgrading knowledge is urgently needed in this fast-changing world. Learning is always considered to be the best investment option.

Success begins with preparation. You become a loser if you are not prepared when opportunities knock.

This webinar contains a lot of research to help you grow. You will surely gain a lot of insight and make your life a masterpiece and champion as a result of it. With this course, you will become an inspiring and high-performance leader, which gives you security and inspires and develops the trust of the team.

In this course, you will learn how to resolve conflict and keep the team engaged and focused on the goals.

A knowledge enrichment program prepares organizations to foster value and culture honestly in order to achieve holistic and sustainable growth.

Life mastery Workshop Module as under- Every Sunday 3.00 PM TO 5.00 PM

Module 1
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Principles of Emotional Intelligence and Authentic Leadership
Module 2
Explore talent strategy and make winning teams with an abundance mindset
Module 3
Becoming a socially intelligent and trustworthy leader
Module 4
How to improve productivity by boosting creativity and innovation
Module 5
Presentation and coordination Skills
Module 6
Business Acumen
Module 7
Extraordinary Leadership
Module 8
Leading winning teams and mastering conflicts
Module 9
Leading winning teams and mastering conflicts
Module 10
Become a great leader

How it Works -

You will be enrolled in a private workshop that is live, audiovisual, and interactive. You can continue your interactions with participants and the founder CEO through the GLN Academy chat group. Our USP is keeping you on track by providing reasonable support and cooperation. At the end of the webinar, you receive a certificate to strengthen your credentials. If you are dissatisfied with our content or find it not useful, we guarantee a 100% refund within seven days.

Questions commonly asked

1. How long is the duration of this Workshop?
90 minutes.
2. Would there be a QA section included?
Yes! We would want our audience to actively participate. Post 60 minutes session, the floor will open for the general public.
3. Is it a Live Workshop Or a Recorded one?
It is going to be a live event.
4. Why does attending this workshop require me to sign up with a Password?
It’s a standard and mandatory security protocol. Read here Why do I need a password to sign up?
5. How much does it cost?
It’s an ABSOLUTELY FREE workshop to benefit the coaches, experts, teachers & professionals.
6. Want to ask us any more questions?


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