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G.L Nandwana

What inspired me?

My lovely parents inspired me to live for a noble purpose. To serve the world with my experience of strength and weakness of leadership, together with lessons learned and wealth of wisdom and knowledge gain from john Maxwell team urge me to share it with world to grow people, societies, organizations which in turn help to make a world better place.

My mother a house wife was well known for her caring, lovely nature, honoured with best mother in law at our community forum. My father by profession was teacher, later after retirement worked as Adviser with Narayan Seva Sansthan and influenced a lot of people by his leadership and communication skills.

Their some of great virtue like simplicity, willingness to sacrifice, positive attitude with people first , eagerness to serve people, smiling face in every situation and with full of energy always reminds me, inspire me to help people grow and live with harmony, love, which can only and only strengthen our bond and leave a great legacy.

I often saw people with great leadership skills have touched great height in their career or entrepreneurship, what most talented people miss to achieve.

I am too passionate to serve how everything rise and falls with leadership. My mission to help millions in this journey from every corner of world gives me energy to do focused work and research on new learnings and share with people.

In my corporate life of above 40 years in different roles, I have credit to influence people to bring positive difference in their life. Our academy will soon attract experts in leadership to add value to the family of the academy and this beautiful world.


G.L Nandwana

Mr. G. L.Nandwana born and brought up in middle class family, nurtured well in educated family, father being Teacher. He started participating in extracurricular activities and games in schools and at college level and had 30 certificates of merit and includes certificates of merit from president of India for Mines contributed great in health and safety by leadership and efforts of his own, team and Management.

His + 40 yrs. of experience in management and leadership position in India and abroad, together with certification from John Maxwell team has inspired greatly to take up leadership development as mission. You certainty will get great ideas, wisdom, confidence and inspiration to do better than what you have thought before.

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