10:40 AM - 11:40 AM


  5th April 2024


Seats are extremely limited

What will you learn?

  How to grow your life and career by 10X

  How to grow your consciousness

  The importance of values in balancing all areas of life

  How to manifest your thoughts quickly

  How to build mental strength

  Find out how universal laws work in your favor through ideas, vision, and action habits.

Seats are extremely limited

The benefits are as follows

  Develop discipline, consistency and efficient people skills

  The ability to ask questions to help grow outstanding leaders

  Grow your confidence, enthusiasm, and self esteem

  Your ability to be creative and innovative increases

  Enhance your leadership profile

  Boost finances by generating passive income

Seats are extremely limited

Why should you attend-?

Many people stop learning after obtaining a degree or diploma when they realize this fact, sometimes too late when many juniors skyrocket their growth. Due to their mediocre approach, most people get frustrated, upset and find no way to recover growth. Despite not being 100% accurate.

To avoid this and to continue upgrading knowledge is urgently needed in this fast-changing world. Learning is always considered to be the best investment option.

Success begins with preparation. You become a loser if you are not prepared when opportunities knock.

This webinar contains a lot of research to help you grow. You will surely gain a lot of insight and make your life a masterpiece and champion as a result of it.

How it Works

You will be enrolled in a private workshop that is live, audiovisual, and interactive. You can continue your interactions with participants and the founder CEO through the GLN Academy chat group. Our USP is keeping you on track by providing reasonable support and cooperation. At the end of the webinar, you receive a certificate to strengthen your credentials. If you are dissatisfied with our content or find it not useful, we guarantee a 100% refund within seven days.

Seats are extremely limited

About Your Mentor

About G.L Nandwana

I am a certified International Coach, Trainer, Teacher and Motivational speaker with varied experience in the field of Leadership focusing on developing Life Skills to lead self as well as Teams. I am passionate to offer you live workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, coaching, and mentoring as well recorded lectures aiding your personal and professional growth through study and practical application of proven leadership methods. Earlier to offering courses in the leadership, motivational and Quality life improvement courses, I had been associated with cement plant in India and overseas with various key Management positions in my professional career of above 40 years. My passion for life is to increase knowledge and share it with the world. To enrich my knowledge, skills, and wisdom, I got certified at John Maxwell certification training on leadership in the United States of America at Orlando in Feb. 2018 My plan as well my mission is to promote work in the field of Education, communication and wellbeing to help people achieve peak performance and realize their full potential in all areas of life – Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, Financial and Spiritual. I admit that I need all of you more than you need me because you will be part of expanding vision and values for peace, harmony and prosperity in the universe.

Seats are extremely limited

What people say about Goverdhan?

Seats are extremely limited

Questions commonly asked

1. How long is the duration of this Workshop?
90 minutes.
2. Would there be a QA section included?
Yes! We would want our audience to actively participate. Post 60 minutes session, the floor will open for the general public.
3. Is it a Live Workshop Or a Recorded one?
It is going to be a live event.
4. Why does attending this workshop require me to sign up with a Password?
It’s a standard and mandatory security protocol. Read here Why do I need a password to sign up?
5. How much does it cost?
It’s an ABSOLUTELY FREE workshop to benefit the coaches, experts, teachers & professionals.
6. Want to ask us any more questions?

Seats are extremely limited