Mr. G. Nandwana is an inspirational & motivational person , great positive attitude and keen to help people through his long experience, great leadership skills, lifelong learning attitude & sharing with people. I wish him great success in his endeavor. WITH BEST WISHES, DR S B HEGDE

Dr. S.B. Hegde

2nd degree connection, 'President - Mfg @ Kanodia Group, Noida'. 'Winner of Global Visionary Award' & 'Visiting Professor'

The most inspirational and motivational person I have come across . He has taught me to see every tough situation as an opportunity to grow and believe in self. He inculcate a quality in me to see the things from the positive frame and shared his ample knowledge and wisdom he has acquire in his life. He is a true source of energy and bring his aura of positivity.


Project Engineering Management| PGDBM | Operation Management |Anaplan Developer Level 1

Mr G.L.Nandwana , is keenly focussed on task at hand, puts his outstanding efforts to deliver his best. His energy toward mission to grow people through online Coaching, training and mentoring is awesome. Contents of his lectures give new insights and it’s always worth to pay to learn from his great expositor experience to leadership positions in India and abroad. Wish him Good luck

Vikram Singh Chouhan

CEO, Founder 3i Planet

A goal setting session attended by me, really enjoyed talking with Sir. Got ideas for improving life.

Sohil Ali


Sir, You explained love yourself very nice,think about your passion but how do find it.



I liked your way of describing the topic ,it will improve my level of thinking



You are so adorable and so motivating. Your motivation touched my heart.



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